AOHARU Nordic Knit Coat


AOHARU is a great place to shop if you love cute outerwear! The Nordic Knit Coat is love at first sight — and comes in PINK!!!!! If Pink is not your favorite color, this coat is also available in Brown, Cream, Gray, Green, Ice, and Red.


What I’m Wearing:

Fuel – Coco (washed out blonde)
Miam Miam – Snowflake necklace
AOHARU – Nordic Knit Coat (Pink)
Zaara – Ishaya Slacks (White)
Zaara – Mishi Tank (Ivory)
ANEXX – 2WayBeltLaceUpBoots (Pink)

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  1. Hey Gogo, just wanted to say as a new recruit to the blog that you do a fantastic job!

    Didnt know how to say this to you privately so apologies to everyone else if this seems out of turn… this girl rocks.. forget all the dissing about getting freebies and it not being fair, I read that recently, strange people… I have been in SL for over 3 years now and am well sorted in-world. Have my own shops and friends but always on the look out for new info on fashion , and this is the place to come. thanks for all your hard work hon… keep it coming! MB x

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