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Gala Phoenix - Elf

I’m baaaaaaack! My site was hacked yesterday, along with other MediaTemple customers. I think the site has been restored fully but if you encounter any blank pages or hacker messages, please let me know!

Now…… onto some yummy new Gala Phoenix skins. The newest face is called Elf — and it comes in the usual 6 makes (2 versions each) and with freckles. You guys already know all of this by now, I’m sure 🙂

Gala Phoenix - Elf

What I’m SUPER SUPER SUPER excited about is the NEW face….. new nose, new pouty lips, new brows. It’s got the sharpest little nose I’ve seen on a Gala skin to date. The brows are so great too, possibly my favorite brows because they’re light, thin and versatile — I can wear Blonde or Brunette hair, without it being mismatched.

Instead of showing you all 12 like I normally do, I wanted to show just 6 random ones so you’ll be able to see them more up-close.

Gala Phoenix - Elf

Gala Phoenix - Elf

Since the skin is called ‘Elf’ — I’ve bundled myself up in a cozy knit dress from Momo. These come in Black, Brownie, Grape, Gray, Pink, Red, Sea, Snow, and Yellow.

Gala Phoenix - Elf

What I’m Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Elf-Petal Skins (coming soon)
69 – Verte 04 (Light Blonde) with scarf
Momo – knit dress

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  1. Lovely skins! I really wish Gala would provide light and dark brows. I always wear dark hair so I miss out on wearing all the lovely packs with the lighter brows 🙁

  2. I have that same problem. I tend to wear very dark black hair, and lighter eyebrows end up looking very very wrong on me. Its sad. I really like some of her makeups with them too.

  3. I always wear light hair, so I’m happy she made some with lighter brows. Now I won’t look like a total weirdo wearing white/light hair and having really dark brows. >.<

  4. OMG im in love, been to the store 10 times already when does this lovely come out?

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  6. *Begins Bragging and cheers up and down* Nananana I got a fatpack WOOT! LMAO! *Ends bragging* 😀

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