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#15 Surprise Cake!

#15 Surprise Cake!

This is #15 Surprise Cake!! Buuuuuuut……… today is also Davo’s 6th Rez day in SL soo….

Happy Rez Day to you,
Happy Rez Day to you,
Happy Rez Day to Daaaaavo,
Happy Rez Day to you!!!!!

#15 Surprise Cake!

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    Looks like his favorite flavor too, LOL!

  2. Davo

    Looks yum Though cream iyuk..away with cream..and BTW i’m much older than u think..6th rezday i think.but a big thanks and a shuver after seeing baby bathage.. SL sure has changed.

  3. Gogo

    Oops you’re very right! It’s 6th rez day! I’m very bad at math, obviously 🙂 HAPPY 6th REZ DAYYYYYYYY <3

  4. Lash

    Who is this Davo? And what’s up with you and cake? 😛

    Happy rezday anyways, davowavosan.

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