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Estelle 2

Le Look is giving out free items to complete a whole male and female avatar, starting today. All you have to do is join the Le Look group in-world, and teleport to the Le Look sim and touch the item to receive it. I’ve tried more than a couple of times today, it was incredibly laggy and really hard to get the items! Maybe my computer doesn’t have enough specs to handle the crowd — but yah, I never received all 4 of the items: 1 Belleza male skin, 1 male shape, 1 LeLutka female skin, 1 shape.

Thankfully Minnu is awesome and sent me the Estelle v2 skin so I can show you guys here!

I looove the new brows on Estelle 2, especially the light brows one — a totally new set of eyebrows and it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see more makeups for this Estelle v2 face!!

Good luck getting these from Le Lag.. er, Le Look!

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  1. I have a moderate fast system and it wasn’t to bad later in the day. Took approximately 2-3 minutes once I clicked on the items to get them delivered. They are nice quality .. as to be expected by their sources. Only thing I did have to do was relog directly into the LE LOOK sim because I couldn’t get a teleport to land from anywhere.

  2. Agreed. No one was getting anything this afternoon when I eventually got into the sim (woot!). Someone had been there half an hour clicking to no avail. I left after about ten minutes with no goodies. While the idea is fantastic, I wonder that they didn’t expect the full sim and the stress on the scripts and servers.

    It was NOT working this afternoon at all. I heard that it was earlier in the day. So hopefully they will leave things up there for awhile for all the 12,000 plus group member that might want to TP in and get things *wink*. Seems like there might have been a better plan.

    Popularity is a good thing, BUT. Reminds me of my first full sim experience at the Last Call sales. So a trip down memory land anyway. I didn’t need the skins, and imagine they will be blogged a lot as someone will get there when scripts are working. Meanwhile, folks — do not be discouraged. It is NOT you. I have a great connection and almost no lag. Le Look and the new continent were both bad for me today. Everywhere else? Priceless 😀

    Thanks for posting this Gogo. I was going to but ran out of time.

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