Brunette Beauty, Vivienne

Kira Ahn - Vivienne

Vivienne is the latest face added to the Bardot skin series at KA Designs. Each Vivienne skin includes 3 brows option and a hair base option. There are 10 makeups total for each skin tone, one of them is a ‘no makeup’ face, which is my favorite since I love fresh nude faces.

See all 10 makeups below:

Kira Ahn - Vivienne

Kira Ahn - Vivienne

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What I’m Wearing:

KA Skins – Bardot-Vivienne (all)
Shag – Teacher’s Pet (Brown)
Perturb – Xmas gift (Noel) jewelry set
artilleri – Elspeth  cardigan *snowflake and polkadot xmas*
DCNY – Harmony Grey Pants

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