I missed the LeLutka Ultra fashion show yesterday, but I heard it was fantastic. These are some of the outfits featured in the show. I’m a huge fan of the more casual outfits, but I’m not sure I like the single prim sculpted long gown. I like my gowns to have movement, but that’s not possible yet since we don’t have flexible sculpts.

If you went to the LeLutka show, what were your favorite outfits? Would you wear these outfits out of the box or mix-and-match?

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  1. I personal love the show i was there and trust me it was worth it

    I like the gowns even if they dont have too much movement there amazing on the eyes and have nice flow to them when you walk in it .

    My fav look was the 4th look in your photo it jsut really stuck out to me and once the lines out I will wear it out of the box and soon mix and match the rest of the line some the items even look like you can be worn casual aswell.

    Overal this an amazing like I really think it one the best yet from the LeLutka brand

    I really like the hair add ons aswell .


  2. I loved the show..and for me the shoes were totally amazing. The rest including the head pieces make for an incredible collection of mix’n match couture.

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