Marie Antoinette Tassles Gown


Wunderlich’s has just released this Limited Edition Marie Antoinette ‘Tassles’ gown. There are only 20 copies available in each color. I have 1 of 20 of the Pale Pink version available (even though the color looks more Purplish than Pale Pink). When you teleport to the main store, you’ll see an individual vendor for each color, showing the number of gowns that are left. Once the gowns are sold out.. they’ll never be available again in that particular color (or ever!).

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  1. Wow, it’s so lovely!
    Makes me wonder how do skirts decorated like this work. Is it so stiff it’s barely any flexi? Or do the flower parts go stay off in the air when the actual skirt moves? Guess I’ll never afford a dress like this to find out, lol.
    Anyway, you look very pretty in it. Is this the skin they include with the gown? Looks lovely too

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