Catch Lily, LeeZu


Catch Lily is a newly released dress from LeeZu! I’m wearing the Beige color, but there are several to choose from. The Catch Lily dress includes flexi and non-flexi versions of the skirt and two skirt types (I’m wearing the regular skirt, but the BabyDoll style is a slimmer fit).

I pretty much like everything from LeeZu, so check it out if you’re looking for something cute to wear.


Truth has just released 4 new hairstyles – 3 are for women, and 1 for men (or unisex). I’m wearing the Anise (headband is color-changeable!), Noah, Nela and Melody in Swedish blonde.

I’ve been thinking I should probably start wearing more hair colors.. other than Blonde and Browns — what are your favorite hair colors?

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  1. Its hard to choose. I usually go with the Coffee or Cocoa. Today I switched to Mahogany but these are all in the brown color packs lol. Although, these colors look exceptionally great with Gala Pheonix’ s Acorn Elf Skins. You should these combos from time to time too 🙂

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