Veschi is Back!


Veschi is back! After a long hiatus, Alla Ruff is back with a new main store & tons of new releases. One of my favorite items from her new collection is the No Strings Attached Jacket. The jacket includes color-changeable strings via a menu.

*warning: don’t use the ‘revert’ button in the Options menu!!! Since the jacket is no-mod, I decided to resize it using the menu, but when I wanted to start over, I thought I would ‘revert’ and try it again. BUT, when I used the ‘revert’ option, instead of reverting the SIZE to original state, it reverted the texture of my White jacket to BROWN.. agh. I purchased a new one to replace the original (but I did send a note card to let Alla know about this issue..). So caution.. don’t use that button! It’s bad.


I’m at the LeLutka sim snapping pictures today; usually I don’t stick around too long when here to shop, but the sim has great architecture and is a really cool place for ‘shopping in the city’ type photos.


This is the Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma! bag in Berries  (Gold) from Veschi. I like that it includes 2 versions — one for your hand (with a shorter chain) and one for your shoulder. Both are scripted with a hold animation.


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What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Estellelight-makeup6(L Brows)
Boon – ZGO223 hair blonde
Veschi – Lemme Borrow Year Bag Grandma (Gold) Berries
Veschi – No Strings Attached (White)
LeLutka – Mo hot pants /white
BAX – Prestige Boots (White Leather)

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