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2009 has been a great year for me in SL and I would like to thank all my friends, and every single designer and blog reader for making this all worthwhile.

I would also like to thank all the brands below for purchasing ads on iheartsl & Juicybomb:

Lost Angel, Chaisuki, blackberries, Acid & Mala Creations, Action, Aimesi Design, AMBIANCE, Angel Dessous, AVENUE, Avimote Systems,, Azul, Azure Islands, Baby B. Fashion, Bax Coen, BEBAE, Belle Belle Furniture, Biddle Boots, Cihuae! Jewelry, ClubHUB, Clio -pret a porter-, Coccon Rental Homes, Crazy About SL Fashion, DE Designs, DeadKitties, DeeTaleZ, d’Orient, Erie Isle, EWING Creative, Exile, eXtreme Make Over Shapes, Fashion Mode Shopping Mall, Felidae Punk  & Neko, Fishy Strawberry,, Hucci, Hyper Culture, IBIZARRE, IndigoBlue Dagostino, Insatiable Fashions, Insolence, JLZ, JPS, KA Designs, L3ASH, La Tejita Naturist Resort, LaRosa, Love Me Tender, Magnifico, Mashooka, MEB Fashion, Mehndi, metalife, MOVIN, Nitro, Oi Magazine, primOptic eyewear, REBEL, Rythm Park Live Music Venue, RockBerry, ROLE Magazine, Role PLay Market, RUNWAY, Savoir Faire Shapes, SD Wears, Second Chick, Second Nights, Sector 7, sensations, Sexy Sisters, Shiki, Shop Chihiro, Silk & Satyr, sinDecade, SkinWorx,, SLCC2009, SLook, Soul Skins, SOURCE, Stitch by Stitch, Striking Poses, Studio Nails, Stylissimo, Sugar Mill Poses, Tasty, Thalia’s Fashion Collection, The Hidey SPot, The Lovely Shops @ Gateaux Boulevard, The Sea Nymph, Tukinowaguma Hair, Ultra Kitty, Uncover Magazine, Worldwide Industries, Zhao Shoes HQ.

In addition, a big huge thankyou to everyone that has purchased a joint ad between and

If you’re a blog reader, please consider shopping at the brands above because their sponsorship also supports the feed, which has been a completely free community resource for the past two years.

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