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Blogroll update

Hi everyone! Let’s exchange blogroll links. If you add to your blogroll, I’ll add you on mine. Just leave a comment below with your url and site name, and I’ll add you.

Also, some people may still be linking to my old typepad site, please update that if you can because I’m no longer updating there. Thanks! <3

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  1. Kyra Pfeffer

    I love love your blog *____*


  2. Valletta GossipGirl

    – Valletta GossipGirl

  3. Lara Aridian


  4. Briyana Jameson

    Hey; love your blog, would love to be added to your blogroll!!

  5. Estrella Thespian

    Love your blog too ! I read it almost every day 🙂

  6. Laleeta

    Hello, we would love it if you could add us to your blogroll please 🙂

  7. Kyrie Source

    added too 🙂

    Kyrie Source

  8. HalfPint Halsey

    I have JuicyBomb on my site. Please add my blog.

    Name: Second Shapes – Second Life

    Blog Address:


  9. Xme Xue

    Please add my site. Yours is listed on mine.

    Blog Name: Real Ladies in Second Life

    Blog Address:

  10. Effigy Krasopani

    Thanks :o)

  11. Krissy Muggleston

    I thought I had you on there already, but seems not, only in my Google Reader. -Added!

  12. Villemo Inglewood

    Added 🙂

  13. Lorellai Kondor

    Love your blog,
    *hugs* from Lorellai

  14. Francesca Balogh

    Amended the link!


  15. Claire Dallin

    Slash Me Poses

  16. Vitoria Wemyss


  17. munky Aristocrat

    Just my own fashion style. ^^

  18. Rhi Rossini

    I added you on mine at

  19. Xanadu Capelo

    🙂 thanks, linked juicybomb.

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