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Djinn & Tonic

Djinn & Tonic has just released two very interesting designs. These two dresses are different than dresses you would normally see around the grid. I really like the colors on the Death of a Lover dress, but the Mask (traffic light headpiece thing) is kind of too out there for me to wear. However, I think the whole outfit would be really great for fashion photos.

Djinn & Tonic

Death of a Lover; Roses, Noir & Roses, Scarletta

Djinn & Tonic

To be considered ugly. (this is the name out the outfit, not my opinion! I think it’s very cute.)

This dress has a great lace pattern on the skirt and pretty roses on the collar piece. I imagine that Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter, might wear a dress like this.

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  1. Annie paster

    those hat remind me of video phone , those guys from the video but girl version dress are cute ill rock those on a dark night


  2. Mally Swansen

    yeah, the headpiece is definitely the one thats almost identical to the music video. looks like something lady gaga would wear in real life, though. haha.

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