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Free vampire skin


I’m biting my way through my inventory before 2010 hits…

If you like this free vampire skin, get it at Japan Fancy Island (beneath the tree inside hearts).

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  1. Wenzie

    Hello 🙂
    Are you sure the lm is right?
    Underneath the tree I only see eyes, kimono, and leggings ?

  2. Gogo

    Are you buying the hearts?

  3. Wenzie

    hmm I dont see the hearts at all… a lot of people here are having trouble finding it too :/

  4. Gogo <-- I saw the skins mentioned on this post originally. It was there when I went this morning ;(

  5. Wenzie

    Oh.. :/
    I guess they took it out then
    Thank you though

  6. kathya

    mind sharing the name of the creator? maybe they have it at their store? thanks!

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