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Hair, hair, hair!

New hair from Exile, Truth, and Tiny Bird!! I like that these 3 brands have several shades of Blonde to choose from. I typically go for very light or something that complements the brows of the skin I’m wearing. The newly released styles are adorable, check ’em out!

Exile – Leilani

Exile – Kendra

Tiny Bird – I and Love and You

Truth – Geri

Truth is also giving away Festive Geri hair (similar to the Geri) in 4 colors so if you’re not a member, go touch the subscribo to get the gift!

Truth – Eva

Truth – Britney

Truth – Alannah

Visit Exile, Tiny Bird, and Truth

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  1. Momo

    You’re looking like a million dollar.
    The skin you’re wearing is damn hot for you.
    Greets, Momo

  2. Akelei

    You always look so cute, but this look is really hot 🙂 Go you!

    and as usual, me asking things, where you got that blouse?

  3. Lash

    I thought you look a bit Lady Gaga-ish.

  4. Tess

    Whippet & Buck is where the top is from…. *Excuse me if i misspelled Whippet* :)I love the hair styles, but for some reason, I am not amused by Tiny Bird’s hairstyles. I think its a young thing and i’m only 22 lol…

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