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Katat0nik Dresses!


This newly released Love Soul Hair+Cap*013* hairstyle is so cute and I love the hair texture & beret!! I’m snapping pictures around the KA Designs sim today, come and visit if you’re looking for an urban Winter sim!


Katat0nik – (Dark Blue) Sakura Storm Dress

I’m wearing two of Katat0nik’s newly released Blue dresses. They go so well with the beret hair, don’t you think?


Katat0nik – (Blue) Buckley V.2 Dress

What I’m Wearing:

KA Skins – Bardot – Agnes (Pale) Brown Brows/Make Up 6
Love Soul – Hair+Cap*013* Blonde
Katat0nik – (Blue) Buckley V.2 Dress
Katat0nik – (Dark Blue) Sakura Storm Dress
ANEXX – Vaudevillian Shoes (Black) *Designers United 3 event*

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  1. Austin

    Hello 🙂 Since you moved from your old blog, I just want to ask you something about a pose used in one of the pics.

    Question: Where’s the pose from in the last picture, the one covering your breasts?

    I love it so much!

    Thank youu! xoxo

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