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Love 69

69 has new hair!!! The shop is impossible to find in search, so you’ll have to look up Kumii Yoshikawa’s profile and tp from there or use this link here.

The store is group-only access right now, so I had to pay $300L to join the Sixty Nine group. That sucked and I normally would not have paid this fee to join since I’m desperately out of group space, but I really wanted to check out the new hairstyles! If you’re already a member, lucky you.. if not, pay the fee or wait a few days for it to be public access again!

Now onto the hairstyles! There are so many new vendors up on the wall that it was overwhelming. But I think I have it sorted out. There are some new hairstyles with different bangs, and then there are hairstyles with scarves or earmuffs attached. Between the scarf-styles, you can choose between two different scarf choices. There’s not much difference between them so just buy what you like best!


Here I am wearing the Intense hairstyle (with color changeable earmuffs) and the Terre hairstyle. They’re SO similar, I don’t know why this was sold as two separate hairstyles instead of one but I paid $300L per style.


The scarf hairstyles are sold by bangs type and by scarf style. I am wearing the Verte 04  (I love the bangs!) and the scarf on Verte 04 wraps around once. I’m also wearing the Hiris 03 style, with no bangs and the scarf wraps around twice.

So there you have it.. there are lots of hair options to choose from!


What I’m Wearing:

69 – Verte 04 (Light BLonde)
69 – Hiris 03 (Light Blonde)
69 – Intense (Light Blonde)
69 – Terre (Light Blonde)
LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup3
RumoRuno – Bulky Sweater (Chimney Hunt item)
Deviance – Santa’s Sweetie (group color)
Tres Blah – Ruffle Purse (Red)
R2 – Pauole (Black) boots

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  1. Missy

    These are nice but yeah I think the earmuffs should have come as an optional extra in the same hair style. Seems very unreasonable to sell these seperate.

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