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L+R+W Fairy Rose

L+R+W Fairy Rose

L+R+W has just released the Fairy Rose heels!! L+R+W is a collaboration between two wonderful brands, Love Soul and R2. I’m so excited about these because they’re a single attachment (shoes+invisiprim are together) so I can wear them with pants that have cuffs!!

L+R+W Fairy Rose

Also… the HUD system has been updated to a more user-friendly menu with 3 different tabs: Nail Color, Skin Color, and Resize & Pose. Everything is more visual than before, so it’s very very easy to color match your skin tone and select nail colors, etc.

Each pair of L+R+W shoes also includes an Update Card, so when they upgrade or make changes you get the update for FREE! yay!

L+R+W Fairy Rose

My favorite feature is the ability to show/hide roses, it’s really like getting 3 pairs of shoes for the price of one.

L+R+W Fairy Rose

This release has 9 different pairs to choose from — the White has 4 different versions, each having a different rose color. These heels would make great bridal shoes!!!

Here are some more close-ups…

L+R+W Fairy Rose

( side roses )

L+R+W Fairy Rose

( front rose )

L+R+W Fairy Rose

( heel & backside )

L+R+W Fairy Rose

Visit L+R+W and try a demo!

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  1. Chocolate Emolite

    ah so pretty, I alwasy love reading and finding new stuff on your blog GOGO, tho
    i had never commented till now,ahaha,always such cute and pretty stuff is found on here and sl, always keep coming back to blog for anything new.

  2. Lara Aridian

    I think I’m in love.. These shoes are just TOO cute!

  3. Chalice Carling

    Naughty GoGo. You just made me buy these lol. It’s your quality pictures that do it šŸ™‚

  4. Anessa Stine

    They are beautiful, but I just can’t afford to buy shoes that often anymore… fancy that… let alone 9 pair. Enjoy them šŸ™‚

  5. Lita Applemoor

    These would be really pretty for weddings, they photograph really well and look flawless when you edit a pic with these shoes in photoshop. So glad they came out with a new pair.

  6. Cari Teardrop

    I saw these on your blog and I had to go buy them! They were a bit pricey, but oooh sooo cute! I love them. they look just as good in sl as they do in your blog!

  7. Laneeta

    Are these actual real life shoes or part of a game or something? If they are real how do I order them? Thanks

    • Gogo

      Hi! These are not ‘real’ shoes, they’re shoes to be worn by an avatar inside a game (Second Life).

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