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My Pink Shopping Spree at LeeZu

During Christmas, I went on a Pink shopping spree at LeeZu to get away from all the Red/Green colors. I was pretty happy LeeZu carried so many Pink items, and they all have a Princessy feel to them!


I especially love this LeeZu Courtisane Lingerie set in baby pink — which can be worn with a flexi skirt or without.


A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends really wanted to find a nice wedding gown and we looked at all the major brands in SL but couldn’t come up with anything that was just right. I think there’s a serious lack of fun wedding gowns in SL — but you can probably use one of LeeZu’s gorgeous ball gowns as a wedding dress or mix-and-match it with other items for a totally unique look. This is the gorgeous La Vie En Fleur dress in baby  pink, I fell for it at first sight because the texture is beautiful and the dress is so versatile, you can wear it 3 different ways!


As a ball gown (sculpted skirt + flexi skirt worn together)


Or as a simpler gown (just the flexi skirt worn here) or as a simple body suit.

The La Vie En Fleur dress comes in various colors and there’s even a matching hat (sold separately) *note to self: get the hat!*

Last but not least, I’m a sucker for baby pink  short dresses and this La Vie En Fleur dress has a very mod look to it — it goes perfectly with the Lydia hairstyle from Truth (with a color changing headband).


I tend to get carried away with Pink colored things, but I know that if I get any other color.. I would still be obsessing about the Pink. LeeZu carries tons of colors, so whatever you’re into, you’ll probably be able to find it there. Visit LeeZu!

What I’m Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays
Truth – Lydiah (Swedish)
LeeZu – Courtisane Lingerie /babypink
LeeZu – La Vie En Fleur Flexi Dress /babypink
LeeZu – Viela Flexidress /babypink
BRILLANT – Pearl Set (Pink)
Nardcotix – Absinthe Stilettos (Pink, Gold, Silver)

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  1. RezIpsa Loc

    Hi Gogo! Lets trade links! I just added ya’ to my follow’s, here’s my blog link:

    Btw, let me know when/if you’re ready for review copies again, I made one of my hair textures in your honor ;D

  2. Annie paster

    had same shopping trouble the other day i was looking forever for a good casual – formal wear store luckyliy I found one.

    I luv the last dress look like it has the best movement

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