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Vain ‘n’ Lovin’ it!!! Chanimations

So Vain; Chanimations

Chanimations sent a ‘Vain ‘n’ Lovin’ it!!!” gift to the Vain Inc. group!!! I have a good feeling about Chanimations winning the Best Static Poses category since, to me.. they are the best!! Check out these poses — MOST of the poses includes props & accessories and cute themes such as this one.

So Vain; Chanimations

The ‘Vain ‘n’ Lovin’ It!!!’ package includes:

– three FeatherBoa poses;
1. Just a little vain…
2. some more vanity and
3. vain and loving it
– FeatherQueen outfit (includes Boa) in Black/Red

The Vain Inc. group is closed enrollment now so you can’t get this for free but check out Chanimations main store, it’s sold for a very reasonable price there.

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  1. JeanGenie Jewell

    very nice outfit…but what’s the point of a closed group for a shop?Useless

  2. Mohini Denja

    Hey JeanGenie! I just wanted to clarify that Vain, Inc -isn’t- the group for Chandra’s store. πŸ™‚ She had her own group. Vain, Inc is for a bunch of stores, last time I checked. I hope that clears things up! ^_^

  3. Chandra

    heya! First off, wow, THANK YOU Gogo for the pretty pictures! and more so, finding the gift here was a big surprise, and more pure luck as somebody asked me inworld cause they saw the review here πŸ™‚

    So reading the follow up comments, Mohini is right, our regular update group is (*chanimations, and of course open enrollment. Vain Inc. is a fashion group in second life as well as creators/editors of a super brilliant fashion magazine, and usually open enrollment as well – along with other designers, I was asked to create a group gift during the christmas season for their subscribers. The Vain Inc group has been closed to reward those who ‘sacrificed’ one of their SL group slots throughout the loast years. (I believe they are two years old now?)

    The Vain Inc. gift is at the current point not for sale, as so far it is a commission of sorts. This might change, likely a sale-version would be slightly altered or with more things in – or it might end up in our lucky chair (or christmas presents that they are at moment πŸ™‚ ) – I’ll speak with Kimberly and Toko about it.

    last.. the featherBoas are available in a different version in our store at deviousMind sim, or xstreet. More info can be found here:

    Hope this helps and clarifies all confusion πŸ™‚

    So last but not least: Happy Holidays to you all, and a safe and happy New Year 2010!


  4. Mo Miasma

    Wow this is Serious!

  5. Chandra

    heya everybody πŸ˜€

    Just letting you know that after talking with Vain Inc, I have some good news for everybody who missed the gift: There will be a store version upcoming middle of december (likely by the end of the weekend) – not in red/black cause I would like to keep that exclusive for the Vain group (as they inspired the creation of this set!) but it will be available in three different colors of oystrich feathers mixed with peacock, and get a few more poses added to it – I hope you’ll like! πŸ˜€


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