Chaisuki Elise Skins


I’m wearing Almond colored hair today, to match the sexy new Elise skins from Chaisuki. When I opened the Chaisuki skins package, I was completely overwhelmed with the choices, there are so many options/makeups included in each pack!

The Elise skins are available in 4 skin tones, 2 eyebrow options, hairbase, alternative breasts, tan-line, public hair, and 39 makeups!

I just wanted to clarify the “alternative breasts” part a bit, since Chaisuki does it backwards. Most skins have regular boobs and/or push-up boobs available on a layer. Chaisuku skins have push-up boobs and the “regular boobs” are available on a layer! Does that make sense? Anyways.. moving on!

Here are 10 of the makeups in the Cream skin tone:




I’m wearing the regular skin here.. yay boobs!

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  1. yea they just make on the skin and put version of normel breast in pack all stores should do that

    cuz thats just one more layers of clothes we cant use

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