Love Soul prim nails

I’m obsessed with the Love Soul prim nails, even though I can’t always wear it with everything because my AO messes up the position of the nails. BUT, if I could… I would wear it ALL the time!!!! Love Soul makes the cutest prim nails on the grid, and their nails are extremely easy to wear. I don’t do anything other than resize my hand to 20 (their recommended size for prim nails) and attach the nails & nail cover up (glove layer).

Love Soul prim nails

Love Soul – Prim Nails – Teddy Bear

Love Soul prim nails

Love Soul – Prim Nails – Mignon

Love Soul prim nails

Love Soul – Prim Nails – Glitter

All nails are scripted to change colors via a menu on touch.

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  1. Heey I really love the second picture nails. I got the demo in the store but I can’t fit if :(. I set my handsize to 20 but still I don’t get hem fit good.
    Can you make a tutorial of somethings else?

  2. hi Elisa! The nails should fit if you wear the cover up gloves layer + set your hand size to 20. If you are standing in certain poses where your fists are clenched or if your hands are bent, the nails may not sit so well. I hardly ever wear them out and about, just for still photos, where I’m usually in fairly neutral standing poses and my fingers are spread. I hope that helps! 🙂

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