Sparkle Skye Holiday Princess

Sparkle Skye

Did you guys know that finding a couple’s pose that works with a big ball gown is not an easy task?! I looked all over, and settled on a pose from Mela’s and two from Essential Soul.

Today I’m wearing the gorgeous Sparkle Skye ‘Holiday Princess’ gown in Ruby and Gold. Like other Sparkle Skye gowns, this comes with several skirt options – Aline Gown, Ball Gown (I’m wearing it!), Day Dress, and Tea Dress. The matching rose head piece is included.

Sparkle Skye

Aw… posing! It’s to show off the gown and not take advantage of my male model, I swear.

Sparkle Skye

And dancing! I love flexi skirts, they’re great for dancing.

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