My LoTD today


For some reason when I was dressing today, rather than throw sky blue heels to match my dress, I wore my UBU Drunks. They’re customizable, so I was able to match my dress pretty well. I like this look, it’s casual but cute. <3


UBU Drunks, so worth it.

And if you haven’t been to LeLutka hair, here are all the hairstyles that have been released. Right now is a great time for some lag free shopping.


LeLutka – Rio, Pompai


LeLutka – Lea1, Lea2, Lea3, Lea 4

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  1. Hi Gogo, these hairs are very pretty on you. 🙂 May I ask what color of brown you are wearing with the Lea hairs? Thank you. <3

  2. I have the UBU Drunks and love them. But I was wondering where you got the socks… Love your blog btw !

  3. Hi Lola – dress from Surf Co
    Hi Klara – socks also from Surf Co
    Hi Mia – I’m wearing the “Praline” brown 🙂

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