It’s not me, it’s you

How do you deal with a friend that consistently ‘burns’ you? Do you…

Btw, this does not happen to me. Cos all you have to do is burn me once, and you’re dead to me (but still polite, cos I am polite).

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  1. I’m usually nice to a fault..but, you screw me or one of my friends over and I’m finished with you. So…I’m voting for number 3:)

  2. If I really felt like the good outweighed the bad with the person I often give second and LOL maybe 3rd chances. But once I am done I AM DONE!

  3. I’m right there with Lizzie. I kinda weight how much good versus how much bad they have done to me. Also saying sorry goes a long way with me. But once its over its over. I never ignore anyone, but I just kinda stop associating with them.

  4. I tend to forgive and forget until one day, they do something extremely malicious, insensitive, harmful, unprovoked, and/or manipulative to me or someone important to me that I have no more excuses to justify why I bother with that toxic person. Purge it like a bad no transfer outfit.

  5. I won’t tolerate disrespect or disloyalty, and will tend to walk as soon as I see a hint of it. This whole culture, particularly online, of being as cruel, hateful, and apathetic as possible, because it’s ‘soo cool and emo-chic’ gets under my skin. I guess I’m too old. I don’t waste a word on on the offender, unless it involved hurting someone I love, in which case it’s good for a polite, but deft verbal filleting. *twitch* =)

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