Sweetest Goodbye, Apollo18 jackets

Sweetest Goodbye

Winter is not over yet, so these sexy little Apollo18 jackets from Sweetest Goodbye are just perfect to keep the cold weather away. I’m not wearing anything underneath the jacket cos I’m admiring my cleavage in 3-D, this is why I looove sculpted tops, you can actually peer inside and cam all around. The jacket is all sculpted and includes cuffs on the glove layers — so you can pair it with ANYTHING in your inventory (jackets, shirts and undershirts), cos it does not take up a layer.

These are so sexy, visit Sweetest Goodbye to see all four of the available colors. I’m wearing Pink, Blue, and Black. Navy is not shown here, but it’s similar to the Black one.

Sweetest Goodbye

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti(D Brows)
Friday – Winter.Jennifer (Happy Blonde) no longer avail.
Sweetest Goodbye – Apollo18 jackets
Zaara – Ishaya Velour Slacks(Black)
COCO – FlatAnkleBoots (Xmas gift)

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  1. wow – they look so real, if you wore a realistic skin and hair, it would be impossible to tell they’re second life and not first :O

  2. Re: your Article on the new Gwen skin from Dutch touch – What is the name and maker of the shape you are wearing and also the eyes please. Thank you in advance.

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