I like your hair


Truth has four new hairstyles, and they’re available in-world or on XStreetSl!!!!! YAY!

I am wearing Tamara, Joanna, Nicky, and Melissa in Swedish Blonde.

Do you like my fancy V-Day frames? They’re from Picnik! I love this site so much. I’ve mentioned Picnik before as being one of my favorite sites for editing blog photos, they’re totally worth the $25US/year subscription fee.

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  1. I bought a picnik premium account thanks to you! I love that site. What are your favorite settings? I tried to copy your style but it didn’t come out like your photos. What do you do? (Oh! and I love your blog btw)

  2. hi Que! For these specific ones, I only used the special V-day frames, then added a “Heart’s Desire” special effect over it.

    For regular blog photos, I normally just crop and *sometimes* do a light Orton-ish or Fancy Focus filter on the photo.

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