This is not Blonde

Hairy Situations

I feel like Polly Pocket in this shade of Blonde hair.

This is the newest Cookie style from Hairy Situations, the newly formed brand to replace House of Heart and Bewitched (by Sheltered Heart). I wear a wide range of Blonde hair colors, but this is NOT what I would consider Blonde, unless I was going for that plastic doll look.

Oh, and I don’t mean to be a hater, cos this hair actually looks pretty good in a better texture (see Bitter Chocolate below):

Hairy Situations

Am I wrong here? Blondies in SL – would you wear this shade of Blonde??? I wouldn’t on a daily basis unless it was part of a costume or a themed outfit requiring LEMON YELLOW hair.

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  1. Should see some of what passes for ‘red’… As a designated SL redhead I’ve seen everything from bright orange to ‘brown’ that thinks it’s ‘red’… Personally I prefer a dark red bordering on black… A few brands can do that pretty well, but even some ‘big name’ brands do reds poorly at best…

  2. I aint no blonde but that has too be the most terrible blonde colour i’ve seen yet

  3. I prefer softer tones for my hair shades so I am not keen on this blonde shade. I think the gradient on that particular style is cool and would look better with better textures…rather than that sickly yellow, which is a poor substitute for “blonde”

    I’ve tinted many a hairstyles in my sl days and from that photo of the Bitter Chocolate, it looks like the same Blonde shade tinted brown…
    For a brand like HoH/Bewitched and has been in the hair business for years I would have expected better!

  4. No, this blonde is not a good blonde, I would never wear isnt to bad,but not my taste.

  5. ! horrid, theres better free blonde textures out there. it looks like a bad dye job on a greying milk maid, all it is missing is two buckets over her shoulder on a stick

  6. I think the world is big enough to have every range of blonde and have it be ok. If you dont like a texture or a hair style then you dont buy, someone else out there will love it.

  7. I think one thing to keep in mind is also monitor settings and lightsettings used in SL… I’ve had it before that I made a texture that looked allright on my screen, and when seeing it on my partners I was like ‘WTF is THAT?!’ :-/ doesn’t make it easier as a designer LOL

    anyhow.. blonde is damn difficult to make (tried it once and gave up) so my big respect to anybody who manages to create a goodlooking blonde texture 😀

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