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Addicted to Tweaking

Tweaking face

I’ll admit it, I love to tweak my avatar. I like tweaking my friends too, if they’ll let me tweak their shape (and sometimes without their permission too, like that one time I gave Wilma bigger and perkier boobs. And a few times after that, I tweaked other stuff but she noticed and yelled at me).

Over the past 3 years, I have made subtle but noticeable changes to my shape, to go with the skins I’m wearing or just to get bigger in size. My waist use to be a scary 35! I wouldn’t wear a shape that small now, but I liked it then.

This past week after reading all the gossip about Heidi Montag’s new face, I really think that the appeal of SL for many is the ability to have our sliders exactly how we want it. If you wanted more boobs, more height, more pouty lips, it’s just a click away.

Thankfully in SL, we can tweak as much as we want an it doesn’t cost a dime or possible complications. So happy tweaking!

What about you, do you like to tweak your face or has it remain unchanged over the years?

P.S., I’m keeping my ‘before’ face, but I like the ‘after’ too!

* This post is inspired by Heidi Montag’s new face.

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  1. Is

    I don’t usually tweak my face, but I recently made some changes to my lips and chin because I wasn’t happy with them.

    My body has undergone a massive overhaul over the years. I used to be 6’10” with a tiny waist and enormous boobs to make other people happy. I’m a lot shorter and curvier now, which makes ME happy. I have an even shorter and curvier shape with higher body fat, but I rarely use it in my blog because it’s difficult to fit prims and find poses that don’t bury my limbs in my body. For a while I was changing my body every week, but I think I’m happy with it… for now.

    The pics I did for the “then and now” challenge are here

  2. Ayla

    I haven’t made any drastic changes to my face since about my 2nd week in SL… but skins make such a big difference! Usually I have to change the lips a little if I change skins, but if I have to edit too many other things, I give up on the new skin.

    I’ve always had a body around 5’10” (making me look like a shrimp in SL, but close enough to RL).

  3. Dedric Mauriac

    The sad part is, the picture from the magazine cover has probably been “tweaked” as well. Everything is about impossible images these days.

    As for me, I don’t tweak my face that often. Maybe once or twice a year.

  4. Vika

    I tweak my shape all the time, because I want to make it as perfect as possible and change it ittle by little wherever I notice something could use improvement.
    I believe you can’t make a good shape by working on it once and leaving it so forever.
    Juicy you make such a good example 🙂
    I used to dislike your shape, with that round head and weird lips, but now you really look so much better and pretty <3

  5. Sylvie

    I’m always tweaking my face. I originally started out as a little asian girl, but now I’m a busty blonde, so obviously a lot of tweaking has been made.

    But really I just wanted to comment that as much as I hate Heidi, at least she got good plastic surgery. She could have went the other way around and ended up with Lindsey Lohan’s new lips. Have you SEEN those things?

  6. Gala

    I’ve tweaked my face maybe 3 times in the last 4 years. I tweak my body a lot more though.

    Gorgeous, I think your av has the prettiest face but not after these new tweaks so much. Also you look a lot better in my skins 🙂

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