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Almost my size!

Lashy and Gogo

I tp’d one of my bestest friends in SL to do a comparison pic (which I thought would take 5 mins tops!) but took 2 hours and lots of laughing on my part, cos I’m evil (slightly). I’ve known Lashy for years and her avatar has always surprised me whenever I actually see her in-world. I never know if she’s gonna be taller than me, or shorter or is an elf or human. Today I tp’d her to do comparison pics and she decided that she was too large when standing next to me, she didn’t want to be my “bigger than Gogo” example — so she tp’d home to SHRINK hahahah!!! I waited around for awhile.. but she came back my size!

Lashy and Gogo

The Black & White is Lashy before, and colored is Lashy-after.

note: I didn’t tell Lashy she was too big, it was entirely her choice to shrink πŸ˜›

So the conclusion is.. I have not found someone bigger than me yet, since Lashy cheated and shrunk herself.

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  1. Lash

    This is what happens when you spend a year in a skybox with no one but a lovely yet gargantuan boyfriend to compare shapes with. πŸ˜›

  2. Marianne

    Both of you have very nice shapes. But when I compare Lash’ before and after, I prefer her “before”. Why do you say? Well, in the above picture her arms look a bit too long, and her head too big. For her previous height, her body proportions look better to me. I know it’s just a matter of more tweaking and it can be the pose too.
    I do love the look of her feet in flats with shorter shape. Zero size flats look very small. That’s why my best flats are from Shiny Things, I can wear their size 10 flats.
    Yes aren’t men dear…. I can size down a bit but then my BF would be 2 heads taller than me. I think some men in SL find it hard to be much lower than the average SL male. Shorter women is petite and cute. Most men don’t like to be cute! And with a very big height difference all couple poseballs would need adjusting. I can do that with my own, but poseballs other places would be very off.

  3. Bliss Windlow

    I think you are standing on your tippy toes squirt!!!

  4. Lash

    LMAO Marianne, thank you, I just tweaked my head and arms now. I’ve been staring at my shape for so long I’m going cross-eyed. Though I do like the smaller shape now cuz the feet look like they belong to the body better. It’s difficult to make a shape with proportionate feet, wherein one knows most shoes are made to fit size 0. I hope more designers start using resizing scripts. I want to one day break away from the tiny feet and have the freedom to size them anyway i want again. lol

  5. Louanna Merlin

    @Marianne: Lash’s avatar looks very realistic to me.
    I’m trying to make my avatar look like me as more as possible and iRL I have longer hands than average people, so my avatar also has longer hands. And actually I prefer realistic look to perfect-dolly look. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but I like very much her shape.

  6. Marianne

    Yes. Lash and Gogo both have nice shapes. I do tweak my own shape(s) a lot, and when I visited Berlin 1920 I made a realistic height shape. It was really a lot of work because I took down all body parts, also head size, neck length, hip length, hand size, even made facial features like eyes and mouth smaller…. It is also hard because SL mesh look so different in various poses. I can think I made the PERFECT shape and then tried on different model poses and then some things look odd. That’s why I was so careful to mention it, it can be just the pose and the angle.

  7. Nickie W

    You two have beautiful shapes <3
    I recently decided I was too tall but now people accuse me of being a child's height, I hope I'm not that small πŸ™ Anyway, I'm not usually too worried about other av's heights but I saw this model today and I could hardly believe my eyes, she dwarfed everyone. xx

  8. Starr Luna

    @Nickie W – I’ve been going around feeling a bit worried, particularly when being dwarfed by ginormous guys and some gals in stores lately, about being too diminutive, or worse, being looked upon as juvenile. (Because I’m an adult.. not because I think roleplaying, appropriately, a child in SL is wrong.) However, as a new friend of mine said, aptly, “If people are accusing you of looking like a kid, then they’re most likely a 6’6 Amazon!” Seriously, though, we also discussed the fact that the aesthetic highly revolves around shape and skin choice, and that you can be -quite- small, and look very mature if you’ve crafted your avie along those lines. I’m an indie/quirky chick, too. So I don’t have a rocking chair and knitting needles yet! (at least in second life! *wink*)

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