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Avatarize your avatar!

Avatarize yourself!

I’ve AVATARized my avatar! You can check mine out in action here. Or make your own!

The movie was great, had great special effects and some really good actors in it. I didn’t care for some of the characters though, like the military guy, cos they made him totally cheesy and gave him predictable bad guy dialogues. I like bad guys who are likable too!! This was just plain bad and bad acting and bad hair and bad tan, LOL!

Sorry, James Cameron.

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  1. Leslie

    I managed to avatarize myself but it wouldn’t save! How do you save it? I did the download image and it brought up my picture file but it wouldn’t save. I tried it three times. Am I doing something wrong? And when I tried to email it – it just sent the link, no photo.
    Advice would be good. I would like to post it to FB.

  2. The Pupeteer

    after it’s processed, press “prevew” so it will remove the buttons for a moment then quick press print screen . then paste it in a photo edititng program for cropping 😉

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