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Bite me

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Btw, this actually happened to a friend of mine, and she has sworn off this brand for GOOD.

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  1. colleen Criss

    I needed one more option, so I abstain. The designer does not have to love me, nor I them. Kinda bad for business tho but then in the fit of passion/anger/emotion we do not always think clearly.

    Hopefully these 2 will find resolve. You can’t really as a business boot people out too often in fits of anger etc, thats a loss of sales, and once word gets around could be potential for further loss of sales. The grid is vast and wide and competition is stiff, depending on the product. Bad business practice at any rate.

    Good luck !

  2. addison mortlock

    I voted yes because there was not an option to say it depends on the disagreement and who was “at fault”. *shrugs*

    I didn’t know there was a way for a designer to remove someone from subscribomatic? I know I have never found a way to remove anyone from mine.

  3. Gabby Panacek

    I’m kind of with Colleen, though I voted yes. We all do things we may not do otherwise in a fit of anger…I know I’ve made some pretty hasty decisions I later come to regret. Whether or not one, or both, of the parties can swallow their pride and let bygones be bygones depends upon the depth of the argument, I suppose.

    I tend to get over things pretty quickly, so I’d eventually go back if I heard about a release and it was something that interested me.

  4. Lara Aridian

    I voted yes, but I’m not really sure. It would depend on what the disagreement was about.

    Addison – It can be done via the subscribeomatic website

  5. Lash

    The way a person behaves in candid moments can say a lot about their temperament as a whole. When someone turns instantly volatile when something disagreeable is said to them in conversation, it might be a stretch to expect them to have a cool head when it comes to customer service. I think it’s says they’re easily rattled and take things too personally to keep their wits about them.

    Anything like muting, or kicking someone out of a group of forcing them to unsubscribe, though passive aggressive can still be likened to a tantrum. Do you really want to shop at a place with an owner that practices that? For me, I’d say: Thanks for “keeping it real” … as in real dumb. And no thanks.

  6. Phoenix Chapman

    It really depends on the designer, the customer and the disagreement. I’ve definitely made hasty decisions that turned out to be the wrong ones, and I’ve regretted it. To *swear* off a brand for good is a big step, one she might regret later (though I have lots of brands I’ve sworn to never have in my inventory lol).

    @ addison – you can do it from your subscribe-o-matic owner profile on the website. You can see the list of all your subscribers and unsubscribe anyone.

  7. aubrey monday

    I agree with Lash. Character counts a lot esp in business. That is why even IRL, if you hire people in your business, besides intelligence and skills, a good pleasing personality is always a requirement. On this survey, I’d be lying if I vote yes.

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