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Cupcakes Darling Skin

Cupcakes has the new Darling skins! There are 12 makeups total divided into two sets (six makeups each). Each skin comes with 2 brow versions, and 2 nose versions. I am wearing Brow 2, Nose 2 below:

Cupcakes - Darling Skin

Cupcakes - Darling Skin

Cupcakes - Darling Skin

I love the makeups available for this new skin line. They’re all beautifully done, and the brows were easy to shape & tint.

Cupcakes - Darling

Now, moving onto things that I think should could use improvements: the texture is still too grainy for my taste, the corners of the lips are too dark on light lipstick, the body shading could be better – I think some areas are too light/desaturated compared to the rest of the body (example: breasts), and the teeth are still grayish tone. All of these things are MY personal opinion, so I would totally encourage you to go demo these for yourself and give the new Cupcakes Darling skins a try!

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  1. Delaynie Barbosa

    Leaving you a comment, would like to trade links. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gogo

    I honestly think the skin needs improvements.. it’s not my video card. But thanks for your input ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Leeloo

    Pretty face, but i wish the cupcakes skins would have a bit more definition to them(especially the eyebrows) i always feel like a doll wearing them.

  4. Delila

    I feel the same way, Leeloo. I used to wear them, along with Dernier Cri’s line, both have a sweet but almost cartoon/doll feel to them. They are good for people who like that, but I agree with gogo’s points as well; the texture isn’t one I like anymore, and having seen the shading versus most well-known brands, they aren’t skins I would wear if not well covered.

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