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Dutch Touch Gwen Skins

Dutch Touch - Gwen Skins

Yum, check out the newest Dutch Touch skin! Gwen is a fresh and beautiful face with luscious lips and a great set of eyebrows. The brows are thick, but not too thick and each skin includes two brow options (Light, Dark). Gwen also comes with hair base option and two different cleavage options.

I’m wearing the Exile ‘Amelia’ hairstyle in Candy (Pink) cos I just love how the hair complements the makeups. Green eyeshadow & pink hair? Torley Linden would like this combo, I feel like a cute Watermelon Princess!!

Dutch Touch  - Gwen

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  1. Luaflor Moo


  2. xanna ziskey

    Thanks for the heads up. I love DT, just got a Pip one on sale for fun and I’ll probably fall for this one too.

  3. Ivanka Bruun

    Is that the cream colored one? Which style as wll ? Thanks

  4. Ivanka Bruun

    Also what shape do you recommend for DT Gwen ? Trying to make a newbie splash in SL !

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