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Gala Phoenix Sunny, version 2, yum!

If you are a fan of Gala’s Sunny skins, you’ll love Sunny (version 2) that’s coming very soon to Curio. Sunny is a special Gala skin because it has dimples! I think this may be the only skin from Gala with dimples, so they’re one of my favorites since dimples are rare in SL (I can’t think of another skin with dimples as nice as these).

Sunny (v2) has 6 makeups x 2 versions each, each skin tone includes a light and dark version, and freckles! Shown below are 12 of the new makeups, they’re totally different from v1!

Gala Phoenix - Sunny (v2)

Gala Phoenix - Sunny (v2)

Gala Phoenix - Sunny (v2)

I’m wearing Sunny in Petal [Dark] with freckles in the pictures above, but you can see the Petal [Light] with/without freckles and Sundust [Light] with/without freckles below:

Gala Phoenix - Sunny (v2)

Gala Phoenix - Sunny (v2)

Visit Curio for Sunny & more!

I’m also wearing Kin Keiko‘s yummy yummy new Holly hair in Blonde. I modded out the holly since it was too Christmas-y and added the MEEBEE little crown.

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  1. ellantha

    Elf also has dimples. ^^

  2. Gogo

    Ohh I think you’re right. I love Elf, how could I forget!

  3. annie juran

    awww come on >:O i had 5k yesterday and now i dont have any more money and now..i want this skin >:O

  4. Bree Mindes

    Bad Gogo, You forgot to tell us where you got this adorable “Lick dont Bite” cami and panty! πŸ˜€

  5. Gogo

    Lick, Don’t Bite? the one and only Blowpop!!!!! (by Annyka Bekkers)

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