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I’m Jennifer Grey!

Picnik collage

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the new LeLutka Reflectons Eyes. I’m really sorry to everyone that couldn’t find it at LeLutka, but they’re finally out now! I think these are just dazzling.

Another LeLutka item I picked up last week was this awesome Jeniffer hairstyle, no doubt inspired by Jennifer Grey’s curly ‘do from the ’80s! I remembered watching Dirty Dancing on TV when I was a kid, I didn’t really pay much attention to the plot but I thought her dancing was cool.

Picnik collage

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Other stuff I’m Wearing: Tres Blah – Neato Sweatshirt (grey) and AOHARU – Party Stole (white)

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  1. GaiaRae Veliz

    And thank GaWd these eyes were finally released! I really love them too! I’m just so picky with my eyes…
    and yes >.< I was one of the idiots looking around at LeLutka on a daily basis for these eyes, lol.

  2. Kit

    Also reminds me of Jennifer Beals ala Flashdance. In avie looks scarily like her with this hair on!

  3. Vika

    do these eyes have that blackness above the pupil that supposedly “adds depth”?
    i hate it when my avatar has creepy empty black eyes whenever looking down

  4. Luna Blue

    I love your blog… keep up the good work!

  5. RezIpsa Loc

    Agreed, loooove the eyes. I usually only wear poetic colors, but might have to switch it up and wear these too! On a related note, gogo your eyelashes are gorgeous, and the fit is absolutely impecable!

  6. Clear

    I totally thought the hair was for Jennifer Beals.

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