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I’m petite, really!

Mochi & Gogo

I’ve always thought of my avatar as petite, but I guess I am NOT! LOL

I asked Mochi if she would take a picture with me to compare our size, and honestly, I have never noticed how much taller I am. Maybe because usually when I see her, she’s wearing shoes and I’m barefoot? But what a total surprise, I am not as petite as I thought!

However, I know there are some people out there that towers over me, so I’m going to call myself petite and people who are smaller super petite. 😛

/ update /

I’m attaching another pic of me with Lizzie. I swear I am not a giant!

Gogo & Lizzie

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  1. :D

    actually you aren’t very petite. myself and about 10 of my friends on this game all measure @ around 5’2”-5’5” and you mentioned you are around 5’10”. we call it being our RL heights. 5’10” isnt really petite in any part of the world lol. i think the problem is SL started in giant forms.. 7′ plus. all i can say is short is in and im seeing more short av’s daily… <3 this blog!!

  2. TheShadow99

    Not that I consider myself petite in real life, but I made my AV match my RL 5 foot 10 inches height. And thankfully I to have noticed height coming down a bit lately… 7 foot AV’s annoy me…

  3. Marianne

    You have good proportions. That’s really the most important thing. I am really not knowing what to think about this RL height versus SL height. I can’t get why RL height should be duplicated in a virtual world? I have felt offended because always this issue is linked like this: Tall avatar = ugly avatar with unrealistic body proportions. Now, I really don’t care anymore. I am short compared to the tallest avatars and tall compared to RL height. I don’t fit in the norm anywhere. Then there’s the issue about no modify objects like scripted vehicles. If I get shorter I can’t use anything like that without looking strange.

    I guess I am stubborn too, the more people complain about “freaking tall avatars” the less I want to change. It is the same when I read whining about someone seen a bit of a nipple and low rise jeans. I go out and buy the most skimply clothes I can find.

  4. Fodder

    Well, truth be told, there is no “definate” way to measure height within SL. I’ve been looking for a while for a height detector that could measure it accurately, but after having chatted with numerous scripters about the issue, they all basically told me the same thing.
    And what was their answer? As stated before! There is no definate way to measure height within SL.
    I can’t help but wonder if LL did this on purpose, so that people could have more character freedom and not be smacked over and over again about how their vision of how they see their av (in every way, yes…including height), is not challenged by other discrimminating folk. – Then again, that seems to be happening without a height-detector!
    My av within SL is around is definately petite. But as another poster said, what is more important is how proportionate one’s shape is.
    The only thing that bothers me about a lot of tall avatars I see is that they are not proportioned correctly!

  5. Lizzie Lexington

    I go by slider size and I am at a 50 which I think is nice balanced height. And we look so cute btw!

    Oh my browser seems to be borking so if you have like 3 comments from me feel free to delete some ha.

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