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Katat0nik Bun Bun

Pink Fuel

The new Katat0nik ‘Bun Bun’ dress is super adorable, with a bunny pattern along the bottom of the skirt. For some reason, the Lacey Heart Eyepatch from Pink Fuel seems to complete the look so I wore it.


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  1. Tesh

    These pictures put a big smile on my face :O) That eye patch is the kyoootest on you.

    Just added you to my blogroll + would be tres honored if you took a peek at mine :O) Love reading your posts!!


  2. Tesh

    Oh and the URL might help, LOL:

    /me gots too much fashionz on da brain, ma

  3. Helyanwe Vindaloo

    Where are the shoes from? Those are cute.

  4. Lizzie Lexington

    They look like Kookie maybe

  5. Menage

    First time commenter, long time lurker. Fabulous look here! How come you don’t post complete details of your outfits anymore? I would be really great.

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