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LeLutka Ife Skin & LeeZu Aimee

LeLutka - Ife

Guess what!!!! LeLutka is releasing this Ife skin soon (but not soon enough!) and I’m COMPLETELY and utterly IN LOVE.

I typically don’t like to show previews too early in advance because being a tease is not nice, but I’m going to indulge in wearing the skin a bit early cos it’s like “my skin”, since I’ve been wearing Minnu’s skins forever.

LeLutka - Ife

I am wearing Ife with dark brows, but it also comes in light brows too. The face is so gorgeous and less shiny than the previous Eclat and Estelle. Oh and the lips are fuller and sexier. I honestly think this skin is soft and pretty, and will look suit many different shapes.

By the way, if you’re looking for a LeLutka fix right now, visit the hair shop for new hairstyles!! I’m wearing the new Lea hairstyle in ‘Overcooked’ Brown texture.


I love this gorgeous LeeZu Aimee gown, which also includes the matching Aimee hat. This would make a great bridal gown or for a fancy party. The skirt of the gown is sculpted, but it’s not one big sculpted prim — it’s actually two leg prims so when you move , the prim moves along with your AO. It’s a clever idea, and like it a lot more than wearing just a single sculpted skirt prim.

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous sculpted flowers that adorns the gown:


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  1. Leeloo

    Cant wait for this skin, nice brows and plumper lips…..cant wait!

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