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LeLutka Ife Skins, like whoa


I’ve been anticipating the release of LeLutka Ife, and it is worth the wait. The makeups on all four skin tones are different and incredible. This is my favorite of the three faces in the Eclat series.

People are always telling me that they ‘can’t tell the difference’ between LeLutka releases — so I consider myself an expert wearer, I can (almost) always identify the skin by name and in which order it was released. Here’s a comparison of the three Eclat faces side-by-side for you to compare:

LeLutka Ife

Newest first: Ife, Estelle, Eclat

As you can see, the brows are definitely more refined and thinner. I like the skin tone too, there’s less sine on the face, giving it a softer look. This is the first release in awhile that I like wearing Dark brows more than the Light ones. What a surprise!

LeLutka Ife

Ife comes in four skin tones: Pale, Light (mine!), Sunkissed, and Sun Tan

I tend to swap between several different LeLutka skin tones, cos each one has a different set of makeups. My tone of choice is Light, but I love Pale for lighter hair and Sunkissed for darker or outdoor photos.

Each skin tone has 7 makeups, 2 brows (light & dark) and hair base option.

LeLutka Ife

Visit LeLutka! The skins are already out!

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  1. Tess

    I love the new releases! I believe that LeLutka has totally proved that indeed, “Less is more”. Great review 🙂

  2. Abra Exonar

    I love all three! I think Estelle is my first favorite, with Ife as a close second. The one think I wish was different on Ife is the slight shading over the top lip, it’s a touch too dark for my taste. Estelle has my favorite lips, and I like the nose of the latter two. But anyway, that is counting hairs, as they’re all so beautiful!

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