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Luster love


Luster, the new brand from Lo Jacobs (formerly Church of Luxe) is incredible. I’ve been watching teasers all week with anticipation, and the items are even more incredible in-world and in color! I am wearing three of several newly released outfits.

From Left to Right:  Giada Trench Coat (Navy) – Tulip Riding Hood (Red), Tulip Dress (Ivory) -Valentina (Noir)


I adore this Tulip Riding Hood, and incredibly, it’s a FREEBIE!! You can get a free copy at the Luster main store (find the vendor on the wall). The hood includes a scripted version so you can wear it up, or down. It was so hard to find a hairstyle that would fit neatly under the hood without having to stretch it too much. I finally settled for the Juliet style from LeLutka.


If you go to LeLutka in search of the hair, don’t forget to pick up this gorgeous new LeLutka Ife ‘Haiti Editon’ skin. It is only $500L, priced well below the usual price for a single skin. The makeup is only available in Light tone, but includes all options. I typically wear Light, so I’m beyond happy about the makeup selection & skin tone. All proceeds are donated to charity, so if you’re an Ife lover like I am, go get it!


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight (Haiti)
LeLutka – Juliet (Coffee Brown)
Luster – ALL clothes
Maitreya Gold – Shanti (Cherry)

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  1. Aranel

    I was so glad to see her have a store again. I was a huge fan of her stuff back when she had a small store across from…*DAZZLE*!

  2. Marianne

    That’s a new skin for me then… and what an adorable hood!

  3. Ninna Dazy

    Hi Gogo, I would like to hear your opinion on Lara skins. I bought fat pack of Adina skin lately and i like it a lot, but it seems like its not very popular on fashion blogs. What do you think about quality of those skins? Tnx!Ninna

  4. RubyS Garnet

    Instead of giving about $1.91 U.S., why not send that money directly to the International Red Cross, Unicef, or one of the other organizations which take donations directly, don’t take a cut (like LL and paypal or the bank check will), and it gets there NOW which is when they need the help, not in a month or two when this is cashed out. Text “Haiti” to 90999 (Red Cross) or “Unicef” to 20222 or “Yele” to 501501. These are verified, certified, and up and running organizations in the area who need help NOW. Please send money, not Linden $L.

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