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MALT Gogo Dress

Look who I snagged to model for me!!! My friend Chad is the perfect model, I showed him a picture of my MALT ‘Gogo’ dress, and he arrived with a matching outfit.

Yes the MALT dress is named Gogo, so you guys should go get it!!!! The dress includes 2 skirt version – fully sculpted or sculpted with some flexi (for additional movement). I like that there are 2 options, cos I’m a flexi loving whore girl.

I’m so petite next to the average “SL male model” height — check it out!

I’ve remembered to ask Chad what he was wearing, so here are credits for the guys if you like this look:

Suit: Gabriel’s Luxury White Suit
Tie: Gabriel’s Zebra
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear Terra Shoes
Hair: Unclw Web’s Studio Rush [Color:Meteoric]
Skin: Signature Kalil Tone 1 [Goatee B]

He’s so pro, he sent me a very organized note card. Yay!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Lillian (Swedish)
LeLutka – IFE (work in progress)
Donna Flora – Lumiere Earrings
Donna Flora – Lumiere Necklace 3
Donna Flora – MITA ring
MALT – After 5ive collection – Gogo Dress (Alabasta)
Nardcotix – Eva Slingback (Black)

Another close-up shot.. yes I do love to pose with hot guys. Please excuse my picture whorishness right now… :X

Visit MALT!!!

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  1. dawnde

    hubba hubba!!!

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    YOU WHORE. OMG that dress is lovely! And I am liking the new skin – the mouth is a bit softer it seems.

  3. Kitten

    Okies, I totally didn’t know how else to contact you about this. Sorry! Thought you’d be interested in a possible rip/copy situation. It looks like Curio and Luck Inc were ripped or at least heavily copied by “Deetalez”

  4. Lash

    What is his height? Is this the norm for males? If so, I think I could get mine to align to that. I’m lost on height now seriously. I wear my new shorter shape and feel like a munchkin. You’ve given me a height complex now, gogo. Pfft. lol

  5. MistyBlue Brandi

    hubba hubba and yea you guys looks stunning, loving that new skin so pretty!

  6. Mie Kish

    I love both looks!! I am trying to find the guys look and I am having issues finding Gabriel’s. Do you have a SLURL or some such thing? Hopefully so!! Thanks and great looks!!

  7. JeanGenie Jewell

    omg can i have Chad’s phone number??PLEASEE!!!!!!

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