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My inner Pink Princess is jumping for joy cos the new Love Soul ‘Hair 16’ in Blonde has a texture changeable bow with a Pink shade that matches the Surf Co ‘Havering Dress’ in Bubblegum perfectly!

I picked up the Havering dress last week during 50L Friday, and I’ve worn it a couple of times ever since. I like the off the shoulder cap sleeves, giving it a very casual and comfy look. The Havering Dress comes with a sculpted skirt or a flexi skirt; I usually wear the flexi one when I’m running around in-world but the sculpted is great for photos. I’m wearing the Havering Dress in Bubblegum and Mojito here, they’re so briiiight, and happy.

Surf Couture

Surf Co also released the Belmar Skinny Jeans in a ton of different washes. At first I thought these were skinny jeans with ultra skinny sculpts, but they’re actually JUST textured jeans. I’m usually a snob about jeans without ‘sculpted cuffs’ but I love these, because they extend far beyond the ankles, since each pair of jeans are worn on the pants layer as well as socks layer (to give additional length). I love them, they’re very nicely done and looks great.

I’m pairing the jeans with the new Surf Co Rendezvous V-neck Tops (with print & plain) and Slouchy Thread Sweater (includes slouchy sculpted sleeves).

These items are great staples for your wardrobe and they include all layers for easy mixing-and-matching.

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