Bitch, please :P

Funny Shirt

I think my friend Wilma is addicted to T Junction t-shirts. She sent me another one last week with this quote on it, “I am the bitch you love to hate.” I don’t normally wear tacky shirts irl but I love this one in SL.

In SL, somebody somewhere thinks I’m a bitch. It doesn’t bother me at all, cos they probably deserved the Gogo bitch wrath 😛

Want more funny shirts? Visit T Junction!

Oh also, I bought the best dollarbie handbag this morning from JE*Republic. The La vie est belle bag (Valentine) edition is $1L and it’s glittery and sparkly and awesome.

Funny Shirt

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti(D Brows)
Exile – Gossip Girl (Harlow)
T Junction – I’m the bitch… t-shirt
Zaara -Ishaya Velour Slacks (Beige) part of RFL special outfit
JE*REPUBLIC – La vie est belle bag (Valentine)
Ingenue – Lithium::Crimson&Snow pumps

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