Gala Cupid Skins, shoot me baby!

Gala Phoenix - Cupid

These Whippet&Buck Frilly Little Bra & Knickers are so adorable!! Guys, if you’re thinking of what the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, might I suggest buying a fatpack of these for your crush!

I’m teasing you guys with Gala’s soon-to-be released Cupid skins, but I’m showing the body first because I’ve just realized today that I’m changing my skin tone preference for Gala skins. Usually I wear Petal [Dark] but since I’m into the nicer sunkissed glow, I’ve been wearing Sundust [Light] a lot. It’s my tone of choice now! Has that ever happened to anyone? I wore Petal forever, but I think either my Windlight settings changed, or my new monitor is different.

Gala Phoenix - Cupid

Gala Phoenix - Cupid

Gala fans, you know the drill. Cupid comes in 6 makeups (2 versions each), light/dark skin tone and GORGEOUS brown brows.


I think I like this skin just as much as I like Elf (maybe even a little bit more), the nose is adorable and the lips are adorable!!

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  1. I love Curio skins! They are are so beautiful.
    I can’t help feel that the brows on this skin make the avatar look angry :S

  2. Thanks for this review, I just grabbed the fatpack, yay! And you look super adorable in these skins! <333

  3. Too cute! I agree also about this tone, perfect for coming into spring/summer and makes the makeups appear more vibrant too.

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