Gala Cupid 2 Makeups

A lot of people said they wanted to see Gala’s Cupid 2 makeups, so here they are 🙂

The makeups are totally DIFFERENT from Cupid 1, so fans of this skin can enjoy the Cupid series in Dark Brows, but with a whole new set of makeups. I actually like this face with the Dark Brows a bit more than the Light ones. I think it’s stunning, especially when worn with darker hair in the warm Sunkissed tone.

Gala Phoenix - Cupid 2

Gala Phoenix - Cupid 2

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  1. I love it! 😀 i was hoping gala would make the dark brow for cupid yay! shes awesome

  2. Gorgeous!
    It’s amazing how far SL skins have evolved.
    I still have some skins from 2005 when I joined SL…they amuse me!

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