SLink Marina Boots

SLink Marina Boots

These new SLink Marina Boots are FABULOUS. I needed something tall, shiny, and mmm sexy spikey heels to stomp around the grid. I’m wearing Pink, Black, and White, but there’s also Bisque, Red, and Ivory.


These boots practically goes with everything with a slightly shiny texture, but I’m pairing it with my beloved latex outfits from Hugo Designs! Latex, it’s not just for bitchy dominatrixes! You can pull off a pretty cute look in Pink 😛


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  1. hi Bech, the outfits are old; but it’s still pretty good. I don’t really keep up to date with Latex stuffs, so if there’s nicer stuff than these, let me know! 🙂

    I wore it cos the colors matched the boots.

  2. Oh, I just got reminded of my own pink/black Hugo Design latex suit.. But aren’t those old? (white/pink on your photos) Or it just feels like it, heh.

  3. I love the beigey coloured boots off to the right & hope to get some. Have you seen latex clothing that comes in this particular shade?

  4. I actually don’t think there’s so many latex outfits that are better than those. At least many look way too eh, latex or just too tacky but those are perfect :}

  5. I figured I would return to see if anyone has replied. I see that Slink has some latexy-looking clothing. Have any of you tried them yet?

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