Sneak peek: Exile’s new hair textures


I’m so excited about these new Exile hair textures! I’ve snapped a random assortment of 20 colors that I thought were fantastic, but there are LOTS more choices available. Brunettes and Red Heads will LOVE these, cos while I was photographing I noticed that I liked so many of them. Here are the colors that I picked out, listed in order:

Row 1: aqua, auburn, blizzard, candy, champagne

Row 2: chestnut, chili, coffee, copper, whiskey

Row 3: earth, fall, greystone, harlow, hotstreak

Row 4: kindred, mink, nutmeg, pearl,  tropic


I don’t know when the new styles & textures will be out, but I hope you liked the sneak peek 🙂

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  1. The style and cut looks fabulous to me, so does the coloring. It would be really awsome if you could drop us a short note when Exile releases the new style to the customer … 😉
    Thanks in advance and for the sneak peak, Gogo .. 🙂
    Best wishes,

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