MudHoney Rouge Getaway Photoble

MudHoney - Rouge Getaway Photoble

I love “all-in-one” type things, they make slife easier. For example, the brilliant MudHoney Photobles takes 1 second to set up (rez-click-sit-done!) and I can pretend like I’ve spent hours setting up this cute little lusty bedroom scene.

I’m using the MudHoney ‘Rouge Getaway Photoble” which includes 3 single poses for males, 3 single poses for females, and 7 couples poses scripted into the box. Everything seen in the picture is also included in the rezzer. Isn’t it fabulous? Scripted rezzable things are a lazy fashionista’s best friend, so you have time for more important things 😛

MudHoney - Rouge Getaway Photoble

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What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti(D Brows)
Truth – Lulu (Swedish)
Paeoti – Da’Bala Tease Set (includes boa)
FNKY – Cigarette II
LeLutka – Saffron Pumps (Electric Red)

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