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Friday released a new hairstyle this week that’s just adorable. I’m wearing the Happy Blond texture but I looove the name of all the other Blondes too.


I’m also wearing the new Friday Sweet.Heart Dress in Citrine. This shade of Yellow is very bright & sunny. I don’t wear it too often, but I wanted to give it a try and see if I could make it work. The sculpted skirt has a great shape that reminds me of flower petals.

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What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti (D Brows)
Friday – Miley (Happy Blond)
Donna Flora – ANNE jewelry set
Friday – Sweet.Heart Dress (Citrine)
Maitreya – Verve (Red)

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  1. I was torn between the yellow and the greenish colour I eventually bought.
    The yellow looks fabulous on you, particularly with the red shoes and red lips.
    Just wondering if the dress is mod to you? I couldnt edit the skirt prim though I needed to, and I wasnt sure if this is the way it was intended or if the perms werent set correctly in the colour I bought.
    You should definitely wear yellow more often!

  2. hi Leigh! The skirt is mod to me, even though it says no mod inside inventory. I think it is the color-change script causing it to do that. You can mod in-world 😛

  3. Thanks for the response Gogo 😀
    I just tried again in world and I absolutely can not edit the skirt of the emerald dress. I have even tried to edit linked parts.

  4. Hey, Gogo
    I apologize for being the Grammar Gestapo, but there’s a typo in the banner ad at the top of your page – “Have you consider blog advertising?” Just saying… kthxbye. 🙂

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