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PT Flower Hat

Megg Demina, creator of Chapeau tres Mignon, has created a wonderful exhibit titled Heroes of Fashion, to showcase items inspired real-life designers, Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy. All works on displayed can be purchased and worn — such as this gorgeous Philip Treacy Flower hat.

Donna Flora

I am pairing the PT Flower Hat with the Eden dress in Black from Donna Flora (by Squinternet Larnia, who is also one of my personal “heroes” of SL fashion).


Here’s a close-up of the yummy McQueen Goth Boots, also available for purchase at the Heroes of Fashion exhibit.

Donna Flora

Donna Flora – Eden Dress (Cherry)

I’ve put together a few more looks featuring new Donna Flora releases, they are FANTASTIC. I’m so glad she’s been making shorter dresses lately.

Donna Flora

Donna Flora – Agostina Dress (Red) | Donna Flora – OLD LACE jewelry set

I’m wearing the Donna Flora Agostina Dress in Red (but it actually looks Orange on my screen). Orange is a very hard color to pull off, but I am keeping it simple with Tangerine colored Juicy pumps, and the ornate Old Lace jewelry set, also from Donna Flora.

Visit Heroes of Fashion

Visit Donna Flora

What I’m Wearing:

Donna Flora – AGOSTINA (Red)
Donna Flora – EDEN (Black)
Donna Flora – EDEN (Cherry)
Donna Flora – OLD LACE jewelry set
Heroes of Fashion – PT Flower Hat
Heroes of Fashion – McQueen Goth Boots
LeLutka – IFElight-makeup7(D Brows)
Truth – Lulu (Chocolate)
PT Flower Hat
LaGyo – Famous Lady Headband Black
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Tangerine)

**important info: I am using the new St. Patrick’s Day photo effects from Picnik.com to tint my photos!! I will be abusing this Emerald tint a lot. I love the slight yellow-green tint on my otherwise very bright & white images.

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